My Story

WYD pilgrimage to Sidney Australia.

WYD pilgrimage to Sidney Australia.

Under Construction at this time.

I am a retired Navy brat, or as my dad called us, rugrat. I moved around a lot as a child going to many schools and living is many ports. I had challenges during my childhood but none of them prepared me for when I got extremely ill my sixteenth summer.

I had my entire sweet sixteen birthday bash all planned in my head. I was going to have my first mixed pool party with boys and girls. But by the time I turned sixteen, I was avoided by all my sunshine friends. A rumor had spread through out the community that I had tested positive for HIV.

That was totally off base but after two weeks in the hospital post birthday, I was given the diagnosis of Crohns disease. By nineteen I was recategorized as an iretractable patient. Which means that I am very resistanct to treatments.

Since my early adult life I have had nine surgeries of varying degrees, and been on 2 TNF inhibitors that caused their own complications. I have also become a collector of autoimmune diseases and syndromes.

Here is the list: (Each one has a link to learn about the conditions.)
1. Crohns Disease
2. Celiac Disease
3. Asthma
4. Severe Allergies
5. Severe Food Allergies
6. Severe Contact Allergies
7. chronic skin rashes.
8. chronic infections
9. Some unknown form of Arthritis
10. unknown Neurological problems
11. Small tissue neuropathy
12. Peristomal Pyoderma Gangrenosum
13. Fibromyalgia

Besides my health issues I have a very deep faith in God. I have lived with two religious communities Franciscan and Benedictine but had to be leave both due to health reasons. I have many years of experience as a teacher, catechist (sacramental, youth and adult formation), and professional youth ministry.

I have a confirmed vocation to consecrated life and am currently in formation with a local Secular Franciscan fraternity. Jesus is my spouse and if it satisfies him I will embrace my vocation to redemptive suffering for his kingdom. I write this blog in full union with the magisterium of the Church. I humbly ask the Lord to forgive my human weakness.

This blog is under the patronage of soon to be Saint John Paul the Great and Saint Claire. I am dedicated to defending life from conception to natural death. The sick have a divine vocation and their journies have much to teach and inspire by. It is the toughest job and most difficult of all vocations.

God bless and thank you for journeying awhile with me.


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