Like a Flower in Rain we’re  open, broken and made beautiful.

Welcome to my blog where I write about my life, musings, and hope in the midst of the mystery of suffering. I have multiple autoimmune illnesses and deal with pain and loss on a daily basis. In this mystery though I find hope and perfect joy.

In our modern life, suffering is something others who do not understand try to avoid or shun. We must realize that God does not make mistakes. We have all been wonderfully and fearfully made. Those who live with chronic illness  have much to share and give to the world. In our sufferings we enter into the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death. In our joys we share in power of his resurrection.

Ponder these words for a moment…

“Power and strength can separate people, where as weakness, and the cry for help, brings people together: When the weak call forth the strong, they awaken what is most beautiful in a human person: compassion, goodness, openness to another.”

~  Jean Vanier, Founder of L’Arche

How to Use this Site:

Come each week and read a reflection to inspire your soul. Or explore the other locations of the blog to be empower, find respite, or help someone you love who is sick.

Description of the Tabs

Welcome = The opening of the blog with purpose and mission statement.

Reflection = A weekly reflection that will be posted on the weekend meant to inspire and help those who are sick to grow in faith and find hope and meaning in their suffering.

My Story = A brief history of the blogger and the journey she has had with chronic illness.

Be Empowered = A section of the blog with resources, practical tips and insights to help those who are chronically ill to learn about who they are and to become their best advocates for themselves.

Being WithA section for those who love and care for the sick. Come for respite, refreshment, and tips on how to be with your loved one even on the most difficult of days. Also resources to connect with organizations and support for caregivers and how to care for your self.

Favorite Things = How do I cope with my pain and suffering. Sharing my favorite things, like prayer, music, beauty, truth, and most importantly humor. Come and join in living well despite the pain.

So welcome in the journey to be with those who suffer to become more beautiful, more human. If you are one who suffers, come rest awhile, gain inspiration, be strengthened, and discover joy and hope. Most of all, know that you are all loved and prayed for each and everyday.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

    • I know how scary it is to wait for a diagnosis. I am still waiting for a new one, and I can remember the first time I was sick and almost died at sixteen waiting for the Crohn’s disease. It is a scary time and just having a name helps with coping. Like having an enemy with a name. PLease visit each week and know that my goal is to help. By doing this it helps me keep my mind off where my body is going right now. This will be my sixth auto immune diagnosis, I have overlapping diseases which makes it difficult.

      I will pray for you and will you pray for me? This week we will be focusing on beauty and joy in all things. It will be good respite for the soul. Next week we will focus on peace and being a peacemaker. God bless and thanks for joining my journal.

      • I will most definitely include you in my prayers as God sees you… Perfect, without any disease or
        blemish because of His son. I began Prayers that heal the heart today, a prayer journal experience put together by counselor Mark Virkler. have you seen this?

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